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Our Mission

'Digital Industries' allows any industrial facility to be easily inspected online, using real-world panoramic viewing and 3D modelling. Customers can view and share the exact as-built conditions easily using a standard web-browser.

Our Story

Each facility is unique and individually complex. Our goal with virtual modelling is to make them easily accessible and understandable to all necessary parties.

Visitors can then inspect a facility without travelling to site or disrupting the facility. This saves time and travel costs.

The online model also records the facility for future reference, for training or documentation.


High security controls can also limit the access only to permitted visitors or employees.

Digital Industries was founded by a team of industrial engineers with experience in facility design and insurance risk management. We have taken the newest 3D-scanning technology and applied it our industrial background to deliver the 'Digital Industries' service.

We are constantly updating our tools and techiques to stay at the leading-edge of virtual technology.


Experienced Leadership

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